Support in Your Fight Against The Gas Industry

Access services, organizing tools, a directory, and one-on-one support to leverage your efforts to protect your community from the harms of oil & gas.

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Leader Directory

Get connected to people in your area that want to help you fight oil & gas projects that threaten your health and environment.


Get exclusive invitations to webinar presentations and discussions by members in the leader network


Get professional assistance with your outreach campaigns, emails, research, event hosting, and website.


Access a member social media network for people focused concerned with oil & gas and related issues

Organizing Tools

Grow your email list, set up fundraising pages, and create a website for your campaign.

Shared Knowledge

Use a searchable help center of shared knowledge around oil & gas threats, litigation, and advocacy resources.


Halt the Harm provides tools to help you reach more people or find campaigns to support.

The Campaign Network is a social network shared by organizations and campaigns fighting oil & gas.

The Leader Directory is being rebuilt from the ground up to quickly connect you with nearby Leaders, Organizations, and Resources to help your fight.

The Fracking Help Center is a shared knowledge base provide resources on zoning, oil & gas permitting, and answers to any questions you have.


Join the Network today to see who is organizing in your area, what they're working on, and how you can connect.

Join the Network to Get Started

The more we collaborate, the more we can win campaigns

"We are grateful for the Halt the Harm Network and the collaboration with Leaders from different areas. Working together to help those who have been abandoned by the industry that harmed them, and our government, has given these people hope." — Briget Shields, Leader


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